A few of my Best sellers ~

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These products I sell a lot of & there are other popular ones I didn’t list here. On zazzle you have a personal page where you can see how many hits each design has, how many comments & how many 5 star (or lower) ratings each design has. It’s a great way to know which items sell the best & concentrate on more of the same! There’s also a community page & it shows what has sold in the past 24 hours & how much. I find this very useful. You can see what people are buying & it helps you know what to concentrate on making. It’s also inspiring to see what other artists have created! Hope you enjoy looking at some of my designs! Thanks.
Farm gifts shirt
Farm gifts by Tamathaa
Many t-shirt designs available at zazzle

Hope you like these products!! I will post more! Watch for products from other designers – there’s some really great, funny, amazing stuff on zazzle!! I’d love to introduce you to the amazing world of zazzle. I’ll also post tutorials in the future, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in starting your own gallery. It’s a great way to make extra money & have a fun creative outlet at the same time! 


Some New Creative Merchandise

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Stamps for all occasions ~

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customizable Wedding stamp
customizable Wedding stamp by Tamathaa
Check out other USPS stamps from zazzle.com.
FirstCommunion stamp
FirstCommunion stamp by Tamathaa
Make unique personalized USPS stamps online at zazzle.com

My New Gallery ~ http://www.zazzle.com/classyweddings*

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Customizable Wedding Stamps stamp
Customizable Wedding Stamps by ClassyWeddings
Shop other stamps available on zazzle.com


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My favorite food/drinks ~ Martiini, coffee & cake!! Ha ha ha!!

A few of my favs ~

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